Submit Your Review

Here is a guideline that you can use for writing an objective review.

  • What is the author’s main point or plot?
  • How successful do you think the author was in carrying out the purpose of the publication?
  • How well does the author write? You can use a brief quotation to illustrate your observations.
  • Who is the book for? (general reader, genre interest, specialized audience, age range, orientation, etc.)
  • Your personal experiences that relate to the topic. Your personal opinion. Your favorite part or what you learned.
  • Your recommendation. This could pertain to editing issues, future publications, or story line.
  • The conclusion ties together the review and provides a comment. This is usually the part that is used for an excerpt of the review.
  • Be creative! Give your own honest and fair opinion. Be candid. Authors love the personal flair that you give the review.
  • Never copy and paste a synopsis into any review. Always use your own words.

Please fill out the form below when your review has been completed.


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