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Award Seal Logo ImageRebecca’s Reads Choice Awards 2014 is proud to have Rebecca’s Reads Choice Awards, an annual literary awards program that will take place every year. It has been founded to pay tribute to authors who are self-published or have had their books published by a subsidy publisher, small press, university press, or independent book publisher.


Rebecca’s Reads Choice Awards (formerly known as The Written Art Awards) is open to all authors regardless of residency, however, books must be published in the English language and intended for the North American market. Books must have a 2014 copyright date on the copyright page of the print book. . eBooks are welcome. Authors may submit for more than one category, as well as more than one title. Please fill one form per title. Books of a racist or pornographic theme will be not be tolerated under any circumstances.


All initial judging will be done by reviewers. Criteria for judging is content/originality, presentation/design, innovation, social relevance, production quality, enjoyment/impact, plot/story line, and resourcefulness (depending on category). Two finalists in each category will be determined by a point system. Final judging will be determined by a jury of judges.

In the first level of judging, a review* will be written and forwarded to you. The review will also be posted on, as well as our blog. Though we cannot guarantee the turnaround time for the review, we do attempt to review/judge books as soon as they are submitted. The sooner a book is submitted, the sooner a review will be returned. The review will be available for marketing purposes.

*If RebeccasReads has already reviewed the book in *2013-2014*, another review will not be provided. The book will then move to the second round of judging.

**Any books reviewed prior to 2013 will receive a new review with their entry.

Please, do not wait until the deadline to submit a book.

This year, we are opening up the copyright years on several categories. We have also added more categories to suit the genres that have entered in the past years. The general category codes 01-10 are limited to the copyright year of 2014. Please review your category selections carefully to ensure that your copyright date meets the years listed. Entries received in categories that do not meet the copyright requirements will be disqualified.

Code     Category

01           Fantasy

02          Historical Fiction

03          Literary Fiction | Novel

04          Mystery | Thriller| Horror

05          Romance | Erotica

06          Science Fiction

07          General Non-fiction

08          Religion | Spiritual | Inspirational

09          Memoir | Biography

10          Health & Body | Nutrition | Self-Help | How-To

11          Children’s Picture Books – Age range 0-6 (copyright 2009-2014)

12          Children’s Chapter Books – Age Range 7-12 (copyright 2009-2014)

13          Teen | Young Adult – Age Range 12-18 (copyright 2009-2014)

14          New Adult | Coming of Age – Age Range 18-21 (copyright 2009-2014)

15          Gay | Lesbian (Fiction & Non-fiction) (copyright  2009-2014)

16          Humor |Satire (Fiction & Non-fiction) (copyright 2009-2014)

17          Short Stories | Novellas (Fiction & Non-fiction) (copyright 2009-2014)

18          Urban Literature (Fiction & Non-fiction) (copyright 2009-2014)

19           Indie (copyright 2009-2014)

20          Best of the Back-List (copyright 2005-2013)

21           Creative Non-fiction (copyright 2009-2014)


Winners will be picked from the top scores in each category. Each winner will receive a certificate and a digital award seal image that can be used for publicity efforts and can be used on your book cover.

*First Place
*Second Place
*Honorable Mention

Specialized awards will be given based on our sponsors and their requirements. Specialized awards are subject to change without notice. Our sponsors will be submitting their prizes throughout 2014. Specialized awards will be listed at the bottom of this page and updated as more sponsors notify us of their prizes.

All first place winners will have their book covers linked to Amazon on the sidebar of our blog. Covers will remain on the sidebar until the next years winners have been announced.

All winning books will be placed in a scrolling gallery and remain on our home page as well as side-bar of and will remain there until the next years winners have been announced.

Winners for 2014 will be announced in March 2015.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is $75.00 per title for one category. Additional categories will be $20.00 each. A $15.00 discount will be given on entry fees for those who have purchased a publicity package for their book. Please use the correct submission form for the discounted rate.
*Discount is only valid for same title
**Discount is only applicable for publicity packages purchased in *2013-2014* No exceptions.

Entry fee must be in USD via U.S. check or U.S. money order payable to: Say What? Savannah Mae
If you are from another country other than the U.S. please Contact us to make other payment arrangements.

All books entered will become the property of and will be used in giveaways and/or donated to local charities after the awards program is completed.

Submissions received without the entry fee will not even be considered. Entry fee is non-refundable, no books will be returned.

Submission Deadline

Authors who would like their book submitted for the awards program are encouraged to submit their entries as soon as possible but postmarked no later than December 31, 2014.

Any submission postmarked after this date will not be accepted and book will be donated. (Help us prevent judge burn-out and submit your book early. Our judges read the book in its entirety; please give them plenty of time to read the book.) We will confirm your entry via e-mail so print your email address as well as all other contact information clearly in the form.


LIMITED TIME OFFER: Early Bird entry forms must be postmarked no later than April 15th, 2014 to qualify for this reduced entry fee. Click HERE to download the form.

The submission form may be downloaded here. Be sure one form is included with each title submitted.

If you purchased a publicity package in 2013-2014 for the title you would like to enter, please click HERE to download this form.

One submission form must accompany each title entered and sent to:

Say What? Savannah Mae
RebeccasReads Choice Awards 2014
Po Box 91053
Austin, TX 78709

If paying by check, please make payable to: Say What? Savannah Mae

Email eBooks with submission form to:

Rights will not retain any rights to submitted books. Nor will they reproduce or publish any submission. All contact information will not be disclosed to a third party other than the sponsor of the above noted awards. reserves the right to disqualify any entry, without prior notice, if guidelines and criteria are not met. Entry fee is non-refundable to disqualified entries and books will not be returned.
Important Notice

Please make sure that you enclose two books for each submission, and an extra copy for each category. eBooks need to email only one PDF format copy of the tile with the submission form. Do not deface your book by stamping it as “review copy” or “promo copy,” as we will donate the books to a local library, SafePlace Austin – a center for abused women and children, or Books for Soldiers.

Visit the official awards page on here:


One thought on “Awards 2014

  1. When will the 2014 winners be announced? I entered a year ago. Anxiously awaiting a reply. Rebbeca’s Reads seems to have disappeared.
    Thank you,
    Deanna a Nese Author of “Shelter inPlace”

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