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17 thoughts on “Book Giveaway

  1. This is awesome Savannah! All the books look so interesting, I really want to read Voices of the Soul by Rene Folsom & Losing Connor by Amanda Alberson. Thanks for sharing too, have some new authors to add to my reading list!

  2. “Searching for Moore,” is a great book about college sweethearts, who are reunited. For a truly unique experience, it incorporates popular culture as it follows the characters’ journey through life. It is Book 1 in the “Needing Moore” series, and I highly recommend it. Book 2, “Moore to Lose,” will be released in September.

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  6. Fantastic giveaway!!! Searching For Moore by Julie Richman and Voices of the Soul by Rene Folsom are on my TBR list!!!

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  12. I think this is so awesome of you and these authors to do this…. so many look so wonderful this month! How exciting!! Thank you

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