JenniferChaseCropThis was one of the most fun interviews that I have done in a while.  Savannah Mae did her homework on my background and books, which made the interview extremely fun and engaging.  I can’t emphasize enough the professionalism and courtesy she instilled.  She definitely went beyond my expectations in posting my interview on other sites as well.  I highly recommend writers and readers checking out her site. – Jennifer Chase, Award Winning Author & Criminologist

StephenMasse smiling B&W croppedFirst off, I have to say that any author who has a chance to get publicity from a colorful and tireless advocate of good books can’t miss Savannah Mae’s ever-present persona on facebook & the Internet. I was first drawn to her appealing logo of the young woman with SM on her shirt and a pencil in her hand — and especially like the logo of the open book with spangles coming from it. Savannah Mae’s love of good books and the people who read them makes her a wonderful ally for writers and readers alike. – Stephen V. Masse

JoyceSusanSavannah Mae did a super job shining the spotlight on my new book, “The Lullaby Illusion,” during a recent online Tour de blogg.  This exclusive, one-of-a-kind tour was all it promised to be. Plus it was fun. – Susan Joyce, Author of The Lullaby Illusion


Barbara DohertySavannah Mae is a force to be reckoned with. I noticed her presence on Facebook around April last year, just as I started publicizing my own page. Back then she only had a handful of followers. Since then she’s grown in popularity at an incredible speed! She’s funny, clever and honest, and she always tries her hardest to be the best she can and improve herself. – Barbara Doherty, Author of Innocent Monsters

Jeff OlahSavannah and I met as we both started our literary careers. She is one of the most intelligent, caring and professional people I have met on my journey thus far. She is someone I always want on my team. Savannah Mae is one of the good ones… she really is. – Jeff Olah, Author of The Dead Years



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