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Innocent Monsters by Barbara Doherty, A Special Author Highlight

I wanted to do something a little different today and highlight an awesome person! I am already a fan of Barbara and in process of reviewing her book Innocent Monsters (which you can download for $2.99 RIGHT NOW!). Stay tuned for my review and a possible giveaway ahem..Barbara 😉 By the way…isn’t she just lovely!

Barbara DohertyA little about Barbara…..

“I was born in Italy, where I lived until the age of 19, when I moved to London in search of something my country of origin could not give me. My intention was to stay for a few years, then move to the States, but life doesn’t always turn out the way we imagine it for ourselves. So now I live in Hove, South England, I am married with two lovely kids and I could not imagine being anywhere else in the world.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, ever since I was in primary school. Communicating thorough written words has always come easier to me. It seemed easier to express myself on paper, where nobody could judge me for what I was trying to say.

But now I have grown and I am settled in my own life; I feel I can finally turn my need to write things down into something I can share with other people.

I have many stories to tell. All I need is someone who wants to sit down and listen.”

Download Innocent Monsters by Barbara Doherty today on Amazon.com for only $2.99!

Synopsis: When Kaitlyn dies, young writer Jessica Lynch loses not just a sister, but the calm centre of her stormy existence, the compass that guided her through a life disturbed by memories of their abusive father.

Confused, despairing and struggling to piece her broken life back together, Jessica meets reclusive William Blaise. He is an awkward and introverted man who has isolated himself from the rest of the world, battling terrible childhood experiences of his own. Their similar pasts bind them together and they become lovers, comparing scars and hurts, exposing their true nature to one another and finding a private kind of truth.

As investigations into her sister’s death continue, Jessica senses a growing awareness that William is not the man she wants him to be. But then, is she really the woman she thought she was?


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